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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  IV-68
Effective Date:  05/12/1998
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Employee Standards of Dress and Grooming

It is expected that school employees will maintain high professional standards of excellence in dress and grooming. These standards are intended to encourage each employee to dress in a neat, clean and modest manner so as to be positive examples for students. The following standards are established as guidelines for employees.


  1. Employees in their grooming and clothing are to be clean, neat and modest.
  2. A level of dress shall be maintained which is consistent with the position and job assignment/activity of said employee.
  3. Casual clothing may be worn to special activities.
  4. Well-groomed beards and mustaches are allowed.
  5. Fads and extremes in dress and grooming are prohibited.
  6. Grubby clothing of any type is prohibited.
  7. Shorts and Sweats are prohibited except as authorized in guidelines No. 2.
  8. T-Shirts with inappropriate logos are prohibited.

Adherence to these dress and grooming guidelines is the responsibility of each employee. The regulation of these standards is the responsibility the school and district administration.