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Board Policy With Guidelines  

Policy Number:  IV-14
Effective Date:  12/16/82
Revised Date:  1/11/05 
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Subject: Certification 

    1. Personnel shall possess and maintain valid credentials before contracts are issued, duties are assigned, or payment is made from any source of funds. Any person who seeks employment as an educator in the District must possess at the time of application or be eligible for the award of a valid license before performance of contract in order for a contract with the Board to be binding.
    1. It is the responsibility of the professional staff to have on file at the district office, a copy of their valid Utah License prior to the first day of school of the current year.
    2. Professional staff that have not provided the district office a copy or the original of their valid license will not be paid until they have complied with this provision.
    3. Occasionally, the district is compelled to employ non-licensed personnel. This employment is on a temporary basis and is only valid if the State provides a Letter of Authorization to employ such a person.
    4. A person may not be employed by the District in any of the following capacities unless that person holds a valid license issued by the State Board in the respective category:
      1. Early Childhood Education
      2.  Elementary Teaching;
      3. Middle Education Teaching;
      4. Secondary Teaching;
      5. Administrative/Supervisory;
      6. Special Education;
      7. Communication Disorders;
      8. School Counselor, School Psychologist, and School social Worker;
      9. Library Media; and
      10. Vocational Education Utah Admi. R 300-502-5(A)(1)
    5. If the District assigns a secondary or middle education teacher to a subject area for which that teacher is not endorsed, the District must request a Letter of Authorization from the State Board to continue the teacher's assignment. The person the District intends to employ under a Letter of Authorization must:
      1. Hold a bachelor's degree and lack no more than nine quarter hours or six semester hours of credit required for the Basic License; or
      2. Provide an acceptable recommendation from a training institution indicating that the deficiency for graduation and recommendation for licensing can be filled within one year. Utah Admi. R 300-512-3(1)(2)
      3. Under extreme circumstances, which must be substantiated in writing by the employing school district, the time limit for completion of requirements for the degree or Basic License may be extended by the Board beyond one year. Utah Admi. R 300-512-3(B)
      4. A school district may apply for a Letter of Authorization to employ a particular person to fill a specified position in the district after the supply of qualified, licensed teachers or administrators has been exhausted. Application to the Utah State Office of Education may be made following August 1 for the coming school year.  The application shall include a written commitment from the individual to be employed stating that full requirements for the degree and the Basic License will be met within the time limit specified and a detailed plan outlining the program through which the requirements are to be completed. Utah Admi. R 300-512-4(B)
      5. It is the responsibility of the District to make application for the Letter of Authorization within eight weeks of employing the individual. If the application is not approved, the person employed may not continue service. Utah Admi. R 300-512-4(C)
      6. If a person employed under a Letter of Authorization leaves the district before the end of the school year, the district shall notify the State Superintendent of Public Instruction of the termination date and the name of the replacement. Utah Admi. R 300-512-4(D)
    6. The first three (3) years of teaching for teachers holding a valid Basic License shall be at the provisional level. The District may recommend that a teacher's Basic License be extended for an additional year if in the judgment of the District the teacher needs additional professional growth and assistance before a judgment about recommending a Standard License can be made. Nothing in these policies shall be construed to provide any educator an expectation of continued employment beyond the term of a current contract of employment prior to completion of three consecutive years of employment of the educator with the District. Utah Admi. R 300-502-4B(1)
    7. The school district and school shall identify and distinguish between "teachers" who hold a level 1, 2, or 3 license and an "associate teacher" who does not currently hold a level 1, 2, or 3 license but is permitted to teach in the school under another authorization. Lists of "teachers" and "associate teachers" shall be maintained at each school and shall be available for review by any person upon request. U.C.A. § 53A-6-111
    8. School physicians and nurses shall hold appropriate licensure from the State of Utah.
    9. At the time a prospective employee makes application for employment with the District, such prospective employee shall fill out an employment application providing the following warning: "All reference stated in this application will be checked by the School District and it is policy of this School District that false information will be grounds for rejecting your application with no further consideration for the position; or, if such false information is discovered after hire, you will be subject to immediate termination for cause. Any false information may also be the grounds for criminal prosecution."