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Board Policy with Guidelines   

Policy Number:  IV-84
Effective Date:  10/17/2017
Revised Date:  09/12/2018
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Subject:  Use of District Email for Political Purposes


  1. A “political purpose” means an act done with the intent or in away to influence, or intend to influence, directly or indirectly, any person to refrain from voting or to vote for or against (a) any candidate for public office at any caucus, political convention, primary, or election, or (b) any judge standing for retention at any election.
  2. A “ballot proposition” means constitutional amendments, initiatives, referenda, judicial retention questions, opinion questions, bond approvals, or other questions submitted to the voters for their approval or rejection.
  3. A “campaign contribution” means any of the following when done for a political purpose or to advocate for or against a ballot proposition:
    1. A gift, subscription, donation, loan, advance, deposit of money, or anything of value given to a filing entity (an entity subject to campaign and campaign finance reporting requirements);
    2. An express, legally enforceable contract, promise, or agreement to make a gift, subscription, donation, unpaid or partially unpaid loan, advance, deposit of money, or anything of value to a filing entity;
    3. any transfer of funds from a reporting entity (a candidate, a candidate’s personal campaign committee, a judge, a judge’s personal campaign committee, an officeholder, a party committee, a political action committee, a political issues committee, a corporation, or a labor organization) to a filing entity;
    4. compensation paid by any person or reporting entity other than the filing entity for personal services provided without charge to the filing entity;
    5. remuneration from:
      1. any organization or the organization’s directly affiliated organization that has a registered lobbyist; or
      2. any agency or subdivision of the state, including a school district; or
    6. an in-kind contribution.

Utah Code § 20A-11-101(3), (17), (52) (2017).
Utah Code § 20A-11-1202(2), (3), (6), (11), (15) (2017).


No person may use any District email system or service for a political purpose, or to advocate for or against a ballot proposition, or to solicit a campaign contribution.

 Utah Code § 20A-11-1205 (2017)