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Board Policy with Guidelines 

Policy Number:  IV-76
Effective Date: 02/10/2009
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Assignment of Personnel

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools, as delegated by the Board of Education, to designate the assignment of certificated teaching staff and all classified support staff.  This includes the approving of transfer and reassignment of  above identified personnel.

New Hiring:

  1. The Superintendent may consult with the Assistant Superintendent, School Principals, Personnel Director, Program Directors, or Supervisors in the assignment of district employees.
  2. Where (when) possible, personal wishes may be considered in making assignments, however, the primary factor to be considered is that the best individual available is assigned to a position.  Academic preparation, experience and qualification will be factored into placing individuals that best meet the needs of students, the school, and district.


  1. Whenever a vacancy occurs during the school year due to the resignation, retirement or other reasons, the Superintendent will ensure that the position is filled with the best available individual for the position.  Transfers within the district may be possible.
  2. Whenever a vacancy is announced for the following school year, the district shall post a notice of the vacancy in each school for a period of not less than two weeks and shall advertise the vacancy in a newspaper of district wide circulation for not less than two weeks.
  3. Current employees are invited to make application of transfer for announced positions.
  4. Employees may be transferred from one school to another.
  5. Reassignment within a school requested by an employee and or recommended by the principal/supervisor, shall be approved by the Superintendent.
  6. In considering transfers and reassignment the primary factor will be to  choose the best individual for the position. Academic preparation, experience, and seniority may be factors in the decision of placing personnel.  The Superintendent will communicate extensively with individuals who might be transferred or reassigned to a different position.