IV-52: Part-time Classified Personnel

North Sanpete School District 
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Board Policy with Guidelines                                 

Policy Number:  IV-52
Effective Date:  03/10/1987
Revised Date:
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Subject: Part-time Classified Personnel

Part-time classified personnel may be employed to fulfill specific needs.


  1. Part-time employees shall be required to meet the same legal standards as regular full time employees.
  2. Part-time employees shall be selected, screened, and employed on the same basis as a regular full time employee.
    1. The employee shall be paid only for the time that they work or provide supervisory services.
    2. The employees must be contracted twenty (20) or more hours per week to participate in the health, accident, and disability insurance program.
    3. The employee benefit provisions shall be provided by the school district the proportional amount of the employees time that is contracted over the twenty (20) or more hours per week.
    4. In the event the employee elects to participate in this insurance program, the employee's contribution to the premium will be deducted on a monthly basis.
    5. In the event the employee elects not to participate in this insurance program, the employee will not be paid the cost of the insurance premium.
  3. Part-time employees are to conduct themselves in the same professional manner of full time employees. This includes attendance at all in-service meetings held at the school building and district building. The employee shall be compensated, at their regular rate of pay, for attendance at required meetings.

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