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Board Policy With Guidelines 

Policy Number:  IV-69
Effective Date:  03/11/2003
Revised Date:  06/18/2013
Revised Date:  05/16/2017
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Subject:  Classified Employees: Conditions of Employment

All employees other than teachers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and administrators are considered classified employees.

All classified employees are covered under Workers Compensation and FICA.  All employees contracted twenty (20) or more hours per week and hired before July 1, 2013 are covered by long-term disability insurance and have retirement contributions made in their behalf.  All other benefits for classified employees are described below.

Classified employee positions are defined in three categories: temporary, at-will, or career.  Temporary and at-will employees have no expectation of continued employment.  These employees usually work under “soft” money from various grants and special programs, and this funding is not stable.


Temporary Employees
Temporary positions are those used on an “as needed” basis as evidenced by the submission of time sheets for payment.  There are no sick leave, personal leave, retirement or insurance benefits on these positions. 

At Will Employees
The following employee positions are considered at-will:

  1. Part-time secretaries
  2. Part-time custodians
  3. Part-time lunch workers
  4. Teaching Assistants
  5. Other employees as designated by the Board

Employees in at-will positions as defined above and hired prior to July 1, 2013 who work 3.5 hours or more per day, will have 10 sick days per year (one day per month—August through May) and be granted 2 personal days per year.  Sick leave days accumulated before 6/30/00 (up to 120 days) will be honored.  Beginning 7/1/04 sick leave days will not accumulate from year to year.  However, five sick leave days may be paid prior to January 1, of each year, when a continuing employee (at least one year of service) is determined to have a need for paid sick leave.  In any event no more than 10 sick leave days may be earned or paid in any contract year.  There are no health and accident insurance or life insurance benefits on these positions.

Benefits for Employees Hired after July 1, 2013

Unless otherwise defined by District policy or negotiated agreement and subject to Federal law, a classified employee identified as At Will and hired on or after July 1, 2013:

  1. may be required to work twenty (20) hours or more in a regular work week; and
  2. will be exempt from receiving benefits normally provided to classified employees.

Utah Code Ann. § 49-12-102 (4)(C) (2013)

At-will employees are to conduct themselves in the same professional manner as full time employees.  This includes attendance at all in-service meetings held at the school and/or district buildings.  The employee shall be compensated at their regular rate of pay for attendance at required meeting.

Career Employees
Career employees are terminated only when the district follows the Orderly Dismissal procedures outlined in Policy IV-27.  Career employees have a reasonable expectation that their contract will be renewed, subject to enrollment and funding changes.

The following classified positions are considered career employees:

  1. Bus drivers and bus mechanics (as outlined in Policy IV-54)
  2. Full-time custodians
  3. Maintenance supervisor and assistant
  4. Full time school lunch managers and lunch workers
  5. Full time secretaries
  6. Other permanent positions designated by the Board

Career employees have 20 sick days per year and 3 personal days.  One personal day is at the district expense, the other 2 come off sick leave.  Sick leave days will accumulate to not more than 120 days of sick leave.

Career Employees must be contracted thirty (30) or more hours per week to participate in the health, accident and life insurance program.  Bus Drivers and mechanics must be contracted 25 hours per week to participate in the health, accident and life insurance program.  Insurance premium will be provided by the school district at the proportional amount of full time hours that the employee is contracted.

In the event the employee elects to not participate in these insurance programs, the employee will not be paid the cost of the insurance premium.

If layoffs become necessary, seniority of individuals within a specific job category or job description is the first factor to be considered.  Part-time, temporary, and at will employees may be eliminated first.  After seniority, qualifications and job performance is the tiebreaker within the specific categories of work.

Termination Procedures
Temporary and at-will employees are not covered by the provisions of 53A, UCA, School Termination Procedures. Career Employee procedures are outlined in the Orderly Termination Policy IV - 27.

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