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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VI-30
Effective Date:  03/09/1999
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Library Materials Selection and Adoption

The North Sanpete School District provides a representative collection of materials on all subjects of interest to its users. At a secondary level, materials may necessarily address controversial issues such as politics, religion and morals. No material will be withdrawn from the collection solely on the basis of the ethnic or national origin of the author or because of the author's political, religious or moral views.


  1. Decisions to accept or reject material for inclusion in the library will rest principally on the following criteria:
    1. Accuracy of information
    2. Relevancy to collection and mission of the library
    3. Reviews by library professionals and subject specialists
    4. Authoritativeness
    5. Inclusion in major bibliographies and indexes
    6. Reputation of the author and publisher
    7. Intended audience
    8. Literary Merit
    9. Recency of data
    10. Geographic coverage
    11. Language
  2. The School Library Bills of Rights shall serve as a guide in controversial issues. Censorship shall be challenged in order to maintain the school's responsibility to provide a wide range of information and enlightenment to students of North Sanpete School District.

Procedures Regarding Reconsideration

  1. Whenever a complaint is registered, a copy of the reconsideration form is given to the patron to complete.
  2. The item in question will remain in circulation until the district procedure for reconsideration is completed.
  3. Criticism must be presented in writing on the form provided and must include specific information and references to objections.
  4. The form must be signed and the individual placing the objection identified.
  5. The form will be given to the school's library media specialist/aide for proper action.
  6. The library media specialist will appoint a committee to include teachers, library media specialist, administration, and parents to consider the criticism.
  7. Materials shall be judged in total, not on objectionable words of phrases.
  8. A report, presenting both majority and minority opinions, will be presented to the principal by the appointed committee.
  9. The principal will determine the action to be taken based on the review committee decision.
  10. The decision will be sent to the person registering the complaint.
  11. Any appeal of the review committee will be heard by a District Re-evaluation Committee.

Instruction to the Evaluation Committee
Bear in mind the principles of the freedom to learn and to read, and base your decision on these broad principles rather than on defense of individual items. Freedom of inquiry is vital to education in a democracy. Study  thoroughly all materials referred to you and read available reviews.  Passages or parts should not be taken out of context. Values and faults should be weighted against each other, and opinions based on the materials as a whole. The general acceptance of the material should be checked by consulting standard evaluation aids and local holdings in other schools.