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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VI-48
Effective Date:  09/11/2001
Revised Date:
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Subject:  District Summer Activity Participation

North Sanpete School District recognizes the value of students and employees participating in a wide variety of activities during the summer months. Some of these activities are related to extra/co-curricular activities sponsored by the schools during the regular school year. This policy provides procedures and guidelines by which district employees may apply for district approval for activities held during the summer which involve current or prospective North Sanpete District students and for which student travel is required.

District / School Sponsor
Participation in summer camps, clinics and other non-curricular activities will be governed by the Board of Education when it involves current or prospective members of school sponsored organizations, leadership groups, classes, clubs or teams provided that the activity has been approved as outlined below. Any other participation by individual students or employees in camps, clinics, travel competition or any other out of season activities will not be governed by the Board of Education nor sponsored by the North Sanpete School District.

Guidelines for Employees Regarding Non-sponsored Activities
Any North Sanpete Employee who wishes to invite current prospective students to participate in any private activity which is public education related but is not sponsored by the District must provide a written disclosure statement to parents/guardians specifically noting that the activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the District or by any of its schools. District or school employees who receive compensation in connection with such activities must also comply with Utah State Board of Education Policy R227-1 07, Educational Services Outside of Educator's Regular Employment.
The Board of Education specifically does not sponsor some programs including, but not limited to:

  1. Any summer time or “out-of-season” activity in which teams participate in a regular league involving scheduled games outside a clinic/camp setting. An out-of-season activity is one that is held outside the season parameters as established by the Utah High School Activities Association.
  2. “Survival" type wilderness training or other outdoor experiences which do not have the approval of Utah State Office of Risk Management.

Any travel or other activity voluntarily undertaken during the summer months by school employees or by students shall not be considered to be sponsored by the District unless approval has been appropriately granted by the Superintendent and/or Board of Education, district vehicles, or school funds may not be used in connection with any travel or activity which has not been appropriately approved.

Approval Procedures
Requests for approval of travel involving students, which occurs during the time between the last day of school in the spring and the beginning of school in the fall, may be submitted to the Superintendent or Board of Education for approval. Requests requiring Board approval must be submitted at least ten (10) calendar days prior to a regularly scheduled Board Meeting.  All requests must have the principal’s recommendation.

Employee Expectations
Any school employee, coach, para-professional or volunteer who interacts with students in preparation for or during an approved summer travel or activity experience is required to comply with all applicable district policies, procedures and behavioral expectations. Employee compensation in connection with approved summer activities is paid as part of the regular activity stipend. That stipend serves to compensate the coach/activity advisor for both activities during the school year and approved activities during the summer.

North Sanpete District schools will comply with all rules and regulations of the Utah High School Activities Association including those related to activity seasons and out-of-season participation.

Participation in summer activities may not be a prerequisite to membership in a school's athletic or activity program. No employee may state or imply to any person that participation in a regular school activity or program is conditional on participation in a private activity.

Travel Costs
The cost of travel in connection with approved summer activities will be the responsibility of the group requesting the approval. District transportation funds may not be used to support these activities unless specifically approved by the Superintendent and/or Board. School funds may only be used with the approval of the school principal.

Physical Examination Requirements
Students who participate in district or school sponsored approved summer activities (middle school/high school) must meet the same requirements for physical examination as would be required for related activities which occur during the school year. Physical examinations will be kept on file at the school as in compliance with the rules of the Utah High School Activity Association.

All District policies and guidelines related to the District Field Trip, Activity and Off Campus Policy, including overnight, out-of-state or long distance travel are in effect for the summer.

Requests should be submitted on the District Field Trip Request Form.