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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VI-31
Effective Date:  08/25/1983
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Challenged Instructional Materials or Books

All instructional books and materials shall be appropriate to the level of each student's ability and the class learning objectives. When challenged by a responsible citizen or group of citizens, a due process shall be followed. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject or hear challenges.


  1. When a challenge is made, the district-approved form must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Superintendent.
  2. The Board of Education shall formulate an evaluation committee consisting of faculty, administrators, and citizens to review the challenge.
  3. Within sixty days of the challenge, a report must be made as to the committee findings and recommendations.
  4. The Board of Education shall take action on the challenge as appropriate.
  5. The person or persons who have initiated the challenge shall be notified of the board's official action.
  6. Virtually all material that is challenged belongs to one of three basic categories: religion, ideology, and profanity/obscenity. Board policy regarding these areas is as follows:
    1. Religion--factual, unbiased material which represents all major religions shall be included in the library collection.
    2. Ideologies--the libraries shall, with no thought toward swaying reader judgment, make available basic primary and factual material and information on the level of their reading public, or any ideology or philosophy of government which exerts or has exerted a strong force, either favorably or unfavorably, in government, current events, politics, education, or any phase of life.
    3. Profanity/obscenity---materials shall be subjected to a test of library merit and reality by the media specialist and teachers who will take into consideration their reading public and community standards of morality.


Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of a Book

Title ____________________________________________ Hardcover___________ Paper___________

Author ________________________________________________________________________________


Request initiated by _____________________________________________________________________

Address____________________________________ City_________________ State_____ Zip__________

Complaint represents: Self __________________________ Organization _________________________

  1. To what in the book do you object? (please be specific, cite pages)
  1. What do you feel might be the result of reading this book?
  1. For what age group would you recommend this book?
  1. Is there anything good about this book?             What? (please be specific, cite pages)
  1. Did you read the entire book?             What parts?
  1. Are you aware of the judgment of the book by literary critics?
  1. What do you believe is the theme of this book?
  1. What would you like the library to do about this book?
    1. Do not assign it to the students_____
    2. Withdraw it from patrons of the library_____
    3. Refer it to the library Board for reevaluation _____
  1. In its place, what book of equal literary value and quality would you recommend that would convey a picture and perspective of our civilization?

__________________________________________       ___________________
Signature of Complainant                                              Date