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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VI-16
Effective Date: 10/18/2011
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Acceleration / Retention

The Philosophy of the District is that all students can learn. We believe that each student is an individual who grows and matures within his/her own unique pattern of development. Varying rates of time are, therefore, needed to accommodate differing developmental growth patterns.  This may necessitate a retention or double promotion.  In double promoting or retaining students, decisions for placement will support the opportunity for maximum growth and development of the students.


  1. Decisions will be based upon a careful study of individual student needs. In the event that double promotion or retention is proposed, the decision must be determined through a committee convened to discuss the area of development outlined in this policy. The school principal, child’s teacher, school counselor, child’s parent, and a representative from the District Office shall be included on the committee to make decisions about retention or double promotion of a student.
  2. The areas of the student’s growth which must be considered before recommending retention or double promotion are academic progress, social development, emotional development, and physical development attendance, and placements/interventions.


  1. Academic Progress
    1. Has the child mastered the grade level expectations?
    2. What does the summary of test score data indicate?
    3. What is the teacher’s observation of the child’s classroom performance?
    4. What does achievement on daily work in basic skills areas indicate?
  2. Social/Emotional Development
    1. What is the child’s attitude toward school?
    2. Describe peer and adult relationships.
    3. Describe child’s behavior in a school setting.
    4. Describe attention span and task commitment.
    5. Does the child appear to be confident in school?
  3. Physical Development
    1. Is the child’s gross and fine motor coordination adequate?
    2. Is the child physically able to perform expected tasks?
    3. Examine health factors.
    4. What is the student’s age in relationship to other students in the grade level?
  4. Attendance
    1. Are there gaps in learning due to illness/excessive absences?
    2. Was there a change of school or other factors that created learning problems?
  5. Alternative Placements/Interventions
    1. Has there been a previous alternative grade placement (transition room, developmental kindergarten, or grade level retentions)?
    2. What other interventions have been attempted (additional instructional time for math or reading, extended year or extended day programs, language instruction, etc.)?

A plan shall be developed for a child that is retained or promoted to ensure success for the following school year.  The plan should include:

  1. Grade level expectations to be addressed both at school and at home.
  2. Suggested program placements and instructional procedures, i.e. learning styles, delivery systems, classroom placement.
  3. Additional support services to be provided for the student.

A parent/guardian who does not accept the  decision of the committee may file a complaint with the Board of Education using the form and process outlined in Policy Number VII-8, Public complaints About School Personnel and/or Services.