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Board Policy with Guidelines   

Policy Number:  VI–9
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Homework

Teachers may give homework to students to aid in their development. The type, frequency, and quantity of homework assigned should be determined by the needs of the individual student and should not require additional instruction beyond class period, thereby requiring parents to supplement instruction. Homework should be an application or adoption of a classroom experience; it should not be assigned for disciplinary purposes; assignments before vacations and weekends should be avoided.


  1. Homework shall be for the educational growth of students and never as a form of punishment.
  2. The amount of homework assigned shall be reasonable and designed to meet the needs of individual children.
  3. In planning homework, the teacher should know something of the child's activities outside of school. Factors or agencies other than the school are educative, and there are times when other activities are more vital to the child's development than the teacher's assignment.
  4. If parents register a complaint about the amount or type of homework assigned or about homework in general, teachers are encouraged to consult with such parents. Teachers should feel free to invite the principal and/or the student counselor to such consultation sessions.