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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VIII-31
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Soliciting and Selling

Commercial organizations offer many materials for use in the educational process. The Board seeks to purchase materials of high educational value for use by the students of the North Sanpete School District. Sales calls and demonstrations shall be conducted in a manner which is not disruptive to the educational program.


  1. Sales representatives will limit their visits to purchasing personnel and administrative personnel at or above the level of school principal or, if requested to do so, to individuals or groups as determined by the above.
  2. Representatives of companies doing business with the North Sanpete School District or desiring to do business with the district will have a hearing with the director of purchasing relative to their products the first time they call. Subsequent visits will be acknowledged and interviews granted (or not), depending on the circumstances.
  3. Sales representatives are not permitted to call directly on teachers or other school staff members without the authorization of the school administration.
  4. School principals may give permission to sales representatives of educational products to see members of the school staff at times that will not interfere with the instructional program.
  5. Employees of the district will not endorse products or services in such a manner as to identify themselves as employees of the district.
  6. The district will not purchase supplies or materials from a staff member, nor from a member of the household of the staff member. either will the district purchase supplies, materials, or services from a member of the Board of Education or from a member of his or her household or from a firm in which he or she holds a major interest.
  7. School district employees will not solicited students to purchase supplies, materials, or travel when the employee gains for his/her self a profit from such sales. Notices for sales or travel may be posted upon approval of the Board of Education. Such notice shall clearly identify the persons who will be responsible for each program.
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