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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VIII-15
Effective Date:  05/21/2019
Revised Date:  07/16/2019
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Subject:  Teacher and Student Success Account Policy


It is the policy of North Sanpete School District (NSSD) to use state allocated resources for the Teacher and Student Success Account (TSSA) according to state law and the North Sanpete School District TSSA plan as set forth in the following policy guidelines.


  1. Funds will be allocated to schools based on student enrollment according to Utah State Board of Education (USBE) requirements following the NSSD TSSA plan.
  1. School Improvement Plans, which drive allocation of the TSSA funds, will be approved annually by the NSSD board of education.
  1. Principals will facilitate creation of the school improvement plan where teachers, parents and community members will be consulted in a timely and meaningful way.  Principals will ensure annual approval of the plan, implementation of the plan and allocation of resources for each school improvement plan.
  1. NSSD will report use of TSSA funds to the USBE as required by law.
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