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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VII-25
Effective Date:  05/09/1995
Revised Date:  09/16/2014
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Subject:  School Fund Raising

The purpose of a school related fund raiser is to improve education or conditions for education for the students of the district. All fund raisers conducted by individual schools or by the clubs and organizations of the district schools must be approved by the building principal.


  1. Out of school fund raisers will be restricted to no more than three per year. Out of school fund raisers are defined as those which go out into the community away from the school.
  2. In school fund raisers such as book fairs, pictures, etc. are not restricted.
  3. All fund raisers should provide services or materials that are of good or high quality to the recipients.
  4. Every fund raiser is to have a prompt money back guarantee to any dissatisfied patron.
  5. All fund raisers are to have specific goals/needs which are clearly communicated to teachers, students, parents, and patrons prior to the occurrence of the fund raiser.
  6. All fund raisers must be strictly voluntary. Students, teachers, and parents may choose to not participate without any recrimination at any level from any source.
  7. A letter of thanks to parents should go home with students following a fund raiser with a report of the success.
  8. Competition between students or between classes is eliminated. There will be no quotas or goals to be reached for a reward.
  9. Rewards will be given to individuals for effort or sales which is pro-rated to the amount of an individual's effort. For example, the student who sells $1.00 worth of fund raiser receives 1/10 of the reward that a student receives who sells $10.00 worth of fund raisers.
  10. No trinkets or junk merchandise to be used as rewards. Real life extensions are encouraged.
  11. Fund raisers that require significant pre-purchase and have the potential of leaving the school with an inventory of the fund raiser are not to be used.
  12. Fund raisers that program students into door-to-door sales are not to be conducted.