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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VII-14
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Public Conduct on School Property

It shall be the policy of the North Sanpete School District to require reasonable behavior of all persons who use or enter our school property.


  1. No person on school property shall:
    1. Injure or threaten to injure the person of another.
    2. Damage the property of another or of the school district.
    3. Violate any provision of the Penal Law of the State of Utah or ordinance of the cities or county relating to the maintenance of public order.
    4. Conduct himself/herself in such manner as to impede, delay, or otherwise interfere with the orderly conduct of the educational program of the school district or any other activity taking place on school property which has been authorized by the Board of Education, Superintendent, Building Principal, or other authorized school district administrator.
    5. Enter upon any portion of school premises at any time for purposes other than those which are lawful and/or authorized by the Board.
    6. Willfully violate other rules and regulations adopted by the Board and properly publicized, designed to maintain public order on school property.
  2. Any person on school property may be requested, by the appropriate administrator or the building principal or his or her agent, to register at the proper office stating name, address, and purpose of business on school property. Any such person having no legitimate purpose or business on school property or violating or threatening to violate the above rules relating to the maintenance of public order shall be directed to leave the premises forthwith. Should he/she fail or refuse to do so, the city policy, state police, or sheriff's department shall be notified and requested to cause his/her ejection as a loiterer or trespasser as defined in the laws of the state of Utah.
  3. The Superintendent will be responsible for enforcement of this policy, and he or she may designate other administrative officers to take enforcement action.
  4. In any case where violations of this policy and implementing rules and regulations do not cease after reasonable warning and in other cases of willful violation of such directives, the superintendent or designees will take appropriate action. In addition, the superintendent or designee may request public law enforcement officials and/or the courts for necessary assistance.
  5. In addition to any rule, regulation, penalty, or punishment herein mentioned or provided, all persons on school property shall be subject to the provisions of the Penal Law and Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of Utah respecting the maintenance of public order.
  6. When a public disorder occurs, a written report of such activity shall be submitted to the Board.