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Board Policy with Guidelines 

Policy Number:  VII-8
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Public Complaints About School Personnel and/or Services

Constructive criticism of the schools is welcome through whatever medium when it is motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the education program and to equip the schools of this district to do their task more effectively.


  1. The Board places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in such a manner that employees are freed from unfounded criticism and complaints.
  2. Whenever a complaint is made directly to the Board as a whole or to a Board member as an individual, it shall be referred to the school administration for study and possible solutions. The individual employee involved shall be advised of the nature of the complaint and shall be given every opportunity for explanation, comment, and presentation of the facts as he or she sees them.
  3. If it appears necessary, the administration, the person who made the complaint, or the employee involved may request an executive session of the Board for the purposes of fuller study and a decision by this body. Generally, all parties involved, including the school administration, shall be asked to attend such a meeting for the purposes of presenting additional facts, making further explanations, and clarifying the issues. Hearsay and rumor shall be discounted as well as emotional feelings except those directly related to the facts of the situation.
  4. The Board shall conduct such meetings in as fair and just a manner as possible. The Board may request a disinterested third party to act as moderator to help it reach a mutually satisfactory solution.
  5. Complaints shall be in writing and supply at least the information outlined.


COMPLAINT FORM: Citizen Request for Review of Personnel and/or Programs
This form provides a way to frame issues and appropriately address concerns.  Anonymous and/or verbal complaints cannot be adequately considered or addressed.

Name of Complainant:                                                                                                          

Organization Representing (if applicable):                                                                            

Telephone Number:                                                                                                               

Mailing Address:     

  1. Person and/or program complaint is concerning:

  2. What is your complaint (be specific, what happened, what do you object to)?

  3. What district policy or law has been violated (if applicable)?

  4. Have you addressed the issue, in a formal complaint, with the supervising administrator (NSSD Policy VII-8 requires all complaints be placed in writing?

  1. What was the result of that complaint?

  2. What action do you want taken?

Signature of Complainant:                                                                                              Date: