VII-18: Child Abuse - Neglect

North Sanpete School District
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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  VII-18
Effective Date:  12/16/1982
Revised Date:
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Subject: Child Abuse - Neglect

In order to comply with the Reporting Physical Abuse of Minors Act (Sections 55-16-1 through 55-16-7, Utah Code Annotated (1953) as amended (Supp. 1975) 1, it is the policy of the North Sanpete School District Board of Education that any school employee who knows or reasonably suspects that a child's health or welfare has been or appears to have been harmed as a result of abuse or neglect, shall report or cause reports to be made in accordance with the procedures herein adopted. School employees are immune from any civil and/or criminal liability when reporting in good faith suspected child abuse or neglect. Failure on the part of any school employee to report may result in legal and/or disciplinary action being brought against the employee.


  1. It is not the responsibility of the school employee to:
    1. Prove that the child has been abused or neglected.
    2. Determine whether the child is in need of protection.
  2. In gathering information, any personal interview or physical examination of the child should be conducted in the highest professional manner. School employees shall not make contact with the child's family or other persons (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.) for the purpose of determining the cause of the injury and/or apparent neglect.
  3. School personnel should refer to the possible signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect attached to this policy for help in determining if the child may have been abused or neglected.
  4. If a school employee knows or reasonably suspects that a child's health or welfare has been or appears to have been harmed as a result of abuse or neglect, he/she shall immediately make an oral report to the school principal or his/her designee. In the absence of such school authority, the school employee shall immediately make an oral report to the local city police or county sheriff or office of the Division of Family Services.
  5. The principal shall notify the Superintendent immediately upon a report of suspected child abuse.
  6. The Superintendent shall notify the school nurse who will be the liaison person with the respective city, county and state agencies.
  7. The child abuse/neglect reporting form as presented by the district shall be used.


Oral report made to principal or his designee.   Date:______________ Time:______________               

Child's Name                                   Age                  Birth date                             Sex

Child's Address (Domicile)

Names and addresses of parents or other person responsible for the child's care.

Father _______________________________________ Mother ______________________________________

Guardian or Caretaker _______________________________________________________________________

Address______________________________________________ Telephone Number_____________________ 

Circumstances leading to the suspicion that the child is a victim of abuse or neglect. (Continue on back of form, if necessary. Supply time and date of observation(s).


Additional information. Interview with the child and name of other school employees involved.


Written report made to principal or his designee. Date: ______________ Time: ______________ 

____________________________________________        ________________________________________
Initiator of the Report                                                        Observer of the Interview

To be filled out by the principal or his designee.

Oral Report made to:
Division of Family Services
Local City Police                                         
County Sheriff
Date:                   Time: 
Written Report made to:
Division of Family Services
Local City Police
County Sheriff
Date:                   Time: 

Principal' s Signature_____________________________________________________________________

Distribute copies to: Agency receiving oral report, School District Superintendent, Principal's Child Abuse/Neglect File TO BE PLACED IN THE CHILD'S FILE

Possible Signs and Symptoms of Abuse or Neglect
School personnel, perhaps more than any other group, come in daily contact with large numbers of children, any of whom may be victims of abuse or neglect. School personnel are in an ideal position to identify abused or neglected children and refer them early enough that these children can be:  (1) treated for present injuries, and (2) protected from further abuse or neglect. The presence of one or more of the following signs or symptoms should alert school personnel to possible child abuse or neglect. The reporter’s diagnosis need not be absolute. He does not have to prove that the child is a victim of abuse or neglect – only suspect.

Physical Abuse
Child shows evidence of repeated injury – signs of new injuries before old injuries have healed.

History not consistent with injuries – the way the child states receiving the injury not consistent with the type of injury.

Child complains of abdominal pain.

Child shows evidence of:

  1. Bruises
  2. Welts
  3. Wounds, cuts or punctures
  4. Scalding liquid burns
  5. Caustic burns
  6. Frostbite
  7. Burns, especially apparent cigarette burns, on the back of the head, neck, and extremities. These are seldom self-inflicted.

Child neglect may be defined as a condition in which a caretaker responsible for the child either deliberately or by extraordinary inattentiveness permits the child to experience avoidable present suffering and/or fails to provide one or more of the ingredients generally deemed essential for developing a person’s physical, intellectual, and emotional capacities.

The child:

  1. Is inappropriately dressed for the weather.
  2. Wears torn, tattered or unwashed clothing.
  3. Is unbathed.
  4. Has poor skin hygiene.
  5. Is rejected by other children because of offensive odor.
  6. Is in need of glasses or dental work.
  7. Is undernourished.
  8. Comes to school without breakfast – goes without lunch.
  9. Begs for food.
  10. Is lethargic or listless.
  11. Sleeps in class – always tired.
  12. Is chronically late or tardy.
  13. Is frequently absent for flimsy reasons and lames excuses.
  14. Comes to school much too early.
  15. Hangs around after school is dismissed.

Psychological Symptoms Which May Accompany Abuse

  1. Unusually aggressive, disruptive, or destructive.
  2. Unusually shy, withdrawn, passive, or overly compliant.
  3. Unusually apprehensive when other children cry and watches them with curiosity.
  4. Unusually apprehensive when adults approach a crying child.
  5. Consistently on the alert for danger.
  6. Subject to frequent and severe mood changes.

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