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Board Policy with Guidelines

 Policy Number:  VII-36
 Effective Date:  10/18/2016
 Revised Date:
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Subject:  Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

Education For Employees, Students, Parents, or Guardians
Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, the District shall provide annual instruction to school personnel in elementary and secondary schools on: responding to a disclosure of child sexual abuse in a supportive appropriate manner and the mandatory reporting requirements described.  The district will also provide instruction to the parents or guardians of elementary school students in the District on recognizing warning signs of a child who is being sexually abused and on effective, age-appropriate methods for discussing the topic of child sexual abuse with a child.

Utah Code § 53A-13-112(3)(a)(i&ii) (2014)

Parental Education Curriculum
The parental instruction required under this policy shall be provided with the instructional materials approved by the State Board of Education for that purpose.

Utah Code § 53A-13-112(3)(b) (2014)

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