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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  III-26
Effective Date:  08/09/2004
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Notification Received From Juvenile Courts 

The North Sanpete School Board of Education directs administrators to comply with Utah State Law regarding notification from juvenile court in reference to said law U.C.A.§ 53A-1 1-7002.

Within three days of receiving a notification from juvenile court or a law enforcement agency that a student of the district has been adjudicated for a crime of violence or an offense in violation of Title 76, Chapter 10, Part 5, Weapons, the superintendent shall notify the principal of the school that the juvenile attends.

Upon receipt of the information from the superintendent, the principal shall make a notation in a secure file other than the student's permanent file and, if the student is still enrolled in the school, notify staff members, who, in the principal's discretion, should know of the adjudication.

The superintendent, principal, and all other persons receiving information pursuant to this policy may only disclose the information to other persons having both a right and a need to know. Access to the secure files shall be limited to such persons. The district shall comply with all State Board of Education rule governing the dissemination of the information received from juvenile court or a law enforcement agency.

U.C.A.§ 53A-11- 1002

The superintendent, principal, and any other staff member notified by the principal shall not intentionally cause the information to become public knowledge.

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