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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  III-23
Effective Date:  02/19/1985
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Business Administrator  

It shall be the policy of the Board to appoint a Business Administrator/ Treasurer in compliance with Utah State Law.


  1. Be responsible to the Superintendent and through the Superintendent to the Board for the operation of the accounting of all monies in the school district and school accounts.
  2. Attend all meetings of the Board of Education, be responsible that an accurate journal of its proceedings is kept, and have the care and custody of the seal, records, and papers of the Board.
  3. Countersign all warrants drawn by order from the Board of Education and keep an accurate account of all monies paid to the account of the Board of Education and the source from which they are received.
  4. Prepare and submit, to the Board, an annual statement of the receipts and disbursements during the year ending June 30.
  5. Be the custodian of all monies belonging to the district and shall be responsible, under bond, for all monies received as the business administrator/treasurer.
  6. Prepare and maintain complete records showing evidence of ownership of financial and/or other legal obligations, of contracts, and of agreements affecting all school properties and all alterations in such properties.
  7. Have charge of business records and documents and shall organize and maintain a system of indexes and files through which such reports and documents maybe safely preserved and be readily available when needed.
  8. Make financial records, files, documents and accounts available to officers appointed, by the Board, in making the annual audit of school accounts; shall audit all inventories for materials and/or services and cause warrants to be issued in payment thereof; and shall present a list of accounts payable for Board approval.
  9. Receive reports of injuries to employees of the district and handle these matters with the Utah State Industrial Commission when necessary.
  10. Assist in the formulation of district policies on the administrative level.
  11. Be responsible for the physical inventory of all school property.
  12. Shall provide all new employees with a packet of information to inform them of their benefits and salary arrangements. Shall obtain, from the employee, all legal forms properly executed.
  13. Provide information and organize resources to encourage energy conservation at all district facilities.
  14. Shall be responsible to provide an annual evaluation of all personnel who report directly to the Business Administrator/Treasurer.
  15. Shall be responsible for all district operations in the absence of the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent.
  16. Perform such other duties as the Board of Education and/or the Superintendent may direct.
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