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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  III-27
Effective Date:  07/17/2007
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Board of Education Member Compensation and Expenses

Members of the North Sanpete Board of Education shall receive compensation for Board Service and other benefits and expenses as defined by state law and this policy.


  1. Each member of the Board of Education except any student member shall receive an amount not to exceed _____per year, payable monthly, as compensation for services.
  2. Each member of the Board of Education, except any student member, shall be eligible to participate in the district's health insurance programs during the term of service as a board member. Board members, except any student member, may receive the same health insurance benefit as a fulltime certificated employee.
  3. Reimbursement to Board members for travel expenses for attendance at regional, state, or national conventions, and workshops shall be made by the District when attendance is authorized and deemed by the board to be necessary or desirable in carrying out the educational functions of the District; an itemized account of necessary travel expenses shall be presented for Board approval. Such activities may not exceed 12 per year.  Reimbursement rate shall not exceed those set for other district activities. Board members shall also be compensated for necessary expenses incurred by them on behalf of the School District in the discharge of their duties as Board members.    UCA 53A-3-202 (2007), UCA 53A-1-202(1997)
  4. Beginning no July 1, 2007, before adopting a new board member compensation schedule or amending an existing schedule, the board shall first hold a public hearing on the proposed compensation schedule or schedules at which all interested persons shall be given an opportunity to be heard. In addition to satisfying the notice requirements for an open board meeting, the board shall also meet the specific notice requirements for a public hearing on board member compensation. UCA 53A-3-202(2)(3)(2007)
  5. The Board may not pay the travel expenses of spouses and other persons who have no responsibility or duties to perform for the board when they accompany board members to board-related activities.
  6. Any student board member is not compensated for services, but is entitled to expense allowances granted other board members under this policy. UCA 20A-14-206(6)(a) (1995)
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