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Board Policy with Guidelines

Policy Number:  III-4
Effective Date:  04/18/2006
Revised Date:
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Subject:  Appointment of Superintendent   


  1. The Superintendent of Schools is appointed by the Board of Education during the first meeting in June of the odd numbered years. The superintendent must meet the state certification requirement, subscribe to the constitutional oath of office, and enter upon the duties on the first day of July thereafter. The term of office shall be for two years or until the successor shall be appointed and qualified. The salary shall be set by the Board of Education. (53A-3-301, Utah Code Annotate 2005.
  2. Should the need to appoint a new superintendent arise in an even year, the Board shall offer a temporary one-year appointment, until the first meeting in March of the next odd-numbered year.
  3. The superintendent will give the Board of Education 60 days notice, should he/she leave the position, thereby allowing the Board time to advertise and select a new superintendent prior to the beginning of a new contract year in July.
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