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Annual mandatory online training is required for ALL employees in our district. This training includes important information that will help you fulfill your responsibilities. The training will take approximately four hours to complete depending on your job position. Please note: State Law requires the Code of Conduct course to be completed before you start working with students. Please complete all other training by September 30th or within 45 days from hire date if hired after September 30th. You will receive a weekly reminder email until you have completed all of the mandatory courses.

North Sanpete School District is using to offer the online training courses for your convenience. If you do not have access to a computer, you may contact our office to schedule an appointment and complete the training on a district computer. Follow these easy steps to complete your North Sanpete School District safety training requirements: 

  1. Using your web browser, go to the SafeSchoolsTMwebsite for North Sanpete School District:
  2. Enter your Username:  District Email Address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  3. Click on one of the training modules.
  4. Complete each item in the Table of Contents List, including the quiz if there is one. You can retake the quiz until you meet the minimum score requirements.
  5. PLEASE NOTE:  If you are completing the trainings while logged into our district network, you will need to be signed into your District Google Apps and YouTube accounts due to filtering restrictions.

For questions, please contact Amanda Morley at 435-462-2485. Thank you for making our district a safe place to work and learn!

Following  is your complete SafeSchoolsTM training plan: 

Course Name Job Position Time
NSSD Code of Conduct (MUST be completed PRIOR to working with students) All Employees 33 minutes
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention (Custodians)* Custodians/Sweepers *25 minutes*
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention (Transportation)* Transportation *22 minutes*
Bullying: Recognition & Response All Employees 23 minutes
Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) New Employees 18 minutes
Human Trafficking All Employees 60 minutes
NSSD Employee Tech Acceptable Use All Employees 6 minutes
NSSD Testing Ethics Policy* Admin, Teachers, TAs, Classroom Substitutes *16* minutes
NSSD Student Data Privacy All Employees 38 minutes
Sexual Harassment:  Staff to Staff All Employees 35 minutes
Youth Suicide: Awareness and Prevention All Employees 39 minutes
 Admin, Teachers, TAs, Classroom Substitutes Total    250 minutes (4.17 hours)
 Custodians/Sweepers Total    259 minutes (4.32 hours)

  New Employees Total    
(Depending on role, you may also need to complete training marked with an *)   

252 minutes (4.20 hours)
Transportation Total    257 minutes (4.27 hours)
All Other Employees Total    234 minutes (3.90 hours)