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STEP 1:  Check the NSSD | Approved Education Apps List

Check to see if the app you are requesting is already approved or if there is already a similar app in use. Too many apps that essentially do the same thing cause extra work in keeping all apps updated and working properly.

STEP 2:  Try the App and Check for Relevance to Curriculum 
Will the app support your curriculum? The app should have an educational benefit for students.

STEP 3:  Review the Privacy Policy for the App
The Privacy Policy can be found on the app website (usually in the bottom footer). Protecting student data is a key component to their safety. Please check the Privacy Policy to know if the vendor collects student personally identifiable information (PII) and what they do with that information. As per legislative law, any app that has a student login or collects PII (name, email, birth date, grade level, etc.) requires a signed contract with the vendor.

STEP 4:  Complete the Digital Resource Request Form
Please complete the request form to the best of your ability. Please be sure to include the vendor URL, purpose for the app, grade levels that will use the app, content area, etc.

Digital Resource Request Form Screen Shot


STEP 5:  Upon submission of the Digital Resource Request Form, an email is sent directly to NSSD Student Data Manager
Your request will be reviewed. If the app already has an agreement with an “Exhibit E”, then we can piggy-back on that agreement. If it does not have an agreement, we will request an agreement with the vendor and follow up with you.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can check the Utah Student Privacy Alliance to see if an app has been approved with other districts in Utah.  An Agreement with an “Exhibit E” signed by the vendor makes the app approval process much easier.

Utah Student Privacy Alliance


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