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Please review the following notifications for help in understanding the charging of fees in Utah schools:

School Fees Notice Grades K-6
School Fees Notice Grades 7-12


To qualify for Fee Waivers a family must qualify for free lunch AND:

  • Complete the Fee Waiver Application.
  • Attach documentation to the Fee Waiver Application of ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:  W2, the last income tax return, or the last three pay stubs.  
  • File the Fee Waiver Application at each school that you have children attending to receive consideration.

Students may turn Fee Waiver Applications into the school office any time before OCTOBER 1ST.  Students enrolled after October 1st may turn fee waiver forms in to the office within 30 days of their enrollment.

Fee waivers will be valid from the first of the school year if they are filed on or before OCTOBER 1ST.  However, they will not be retroactive (go back to include the first of the school year) if filed at a later date.