Creating conditions for Learning, so All Students can Succeed.

Dear Patrons,

The new school year is already here.  Here are the big accomplishments of North Sanpete School District:

1 – Spring City is getting two new classrooms, so we will have all students in the main building to improve student safety.  The last portable classrooms in the district  (which are pretty old) will be disposed of once students are in the new classrooms.   NSHS is getting a new music room.  The old music room was too small, which endangered the hearing of  Mr. Kidder, year after year, class period after class period with inadequate volume for the sound to dissipate.  The new music and class rooms are scheduled to be complete before Halloween.  These new learning spaces were paid for from savings, not new taxes.

2 – Teachers have been working hard for years to complete a districtwide Professional Learning Community model.  Teachers  across the district have defined the most important concepts in the state core curriculum for their class and  have developed interventions for students  (additional opportunities to master the concepts), so all students master the most critical content.  From Fountain Green to Spring City and Spring City to Fairview teachers have also  developed common district assessments (tests so teacher teams and district leaders can ensure all students are learning).   State tests have their place, but the most authentic assessments are teacher developed and administered as part of the regular classroom, not one day a year computer tests from the state.  Teachers are also developing enrichment opportunities, so all students are challenged at their level.  We will have two additional teacher work days this year (October  21 & March  9) along with the day mid-year (January  17) for teachers to work as teams to ensure mastery of critical content  and challenging curriculum for all students.

3 -  North Sanpete School District  has amazing employees.   We had scores of teachers drive to Price,  multiple days in July to attend training from national experts.  About one hundred teachers attended training from state and local experts, offered at NSHS the week before school started.  This is in addition to the annual state training, college classes, conferences and  district provided training our employees receive.  NSSD Staff have the latest training available, but more important, they are great with kids.  This year we are starting wellness centers, mindfulness and a social worker to help students mental and emotional well -being.  Simply walk into one of our schools to see all employees providing amazing learning environments for students.  Having worked in several districts in Utah and out, I have never seen more caring, better trained, more professional educators.  Your students are truly fortunate.

We appreciate the outstanding community support in North Sanpete School District.  Thanks for all you do to help our students.


Samuel L. Ray, EdD

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