NSSD Mission

NSSD Foundation

NSSD Shared Leadership Philosophy

 How NSSD encourages / ensures stakeholder input



Tight on What (we all must do)

Loose (flexible / input) on How (we do it)

State / Federal Laws

NSSD must follow

Employees & patrons are encouraged to engage in the political process & apply laws appropriately

NSSD School Board Policy

NSSD employees follow

School board encourages patron & employee input in the policy creation / approval process by email input, employee attendance at board meetings, etc.


NSSD complies with mandated federal & state testing

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) create common assessments (where possible) & teachers create classroom assessments

Professional Development (PD)

A - Mandated state / federal training online.

B - NSPD developed with PD committee / teachers paid (<2 days) for NSPD

C - PD will be provided for teachers / staff 

A - Employees complete by deadline

B - Teachers opt-in / out of NSPD conference

C - Teachers work with principal / coaches to

      facilitate required training


Utah Education Telehealth Network (UETN) & Central Utah Educational Services (CUES)  provide network platform / backbone

UETN / CUES / NSSD tech provides

  Hardware options / network systems

  Powerschool / ALIO / gmail / etc. systems

  Facilitate request approval process

  Committees decide big requests

Employees are provided: (to use as needed)

  Hardware (desktops, laptops, iPads, etc.)

  Basic software (Powerschool, email, etc.)

  Request specialty software (ALEKS, etc.)

  Request hardware/software (grants, TSSA, etc.)

Behavioral Support

NSSD Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS)

NSSD provide Restorative Practice options

Site / classroom develop rules / rewards

Select restorative options as appropriate

Instructional Coach

NSSD provides elementary & secondary coaches

Provisional - weekly (coach directed)

Veteran - up to monthly (teacher directed)

Additional support as requested / needed


NSSD policy guides

  HR director / principal decisions

  Superintendent appeals

Employee annual input (intent forms)

Employees invited to hiring committees

Employee input for all district policy reviews

HR consults with NSEA for all personnel policies



PLC-Professional Learning Community

GVC-Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum


  Content / grade level PLCs make GVCs

  Common Assessment for each GVC

  Targeted intervention for each GVC

  Enrichment across the curriculum

  Quarterly report GVC mastery to principal

Teachers / PLCs create their plans

 PLCs decide GVCs through consensus

 PLCs create common assessment for each GVC

 PLCs create intervention options for each GVC

 PLCs create enrichment options for each GVC

 PLCs support each team member

Curriculum / Instruction

State core must be taught

Focus on NSSD & school goals / policies

Teachers use NSSD primary resources

GVC intervention to mastery

State Assessment data publicly reported

Teachers decide sequence (with PLC)

Teachers decide how to teach content 

PLCs decide intervention with school support

Teachers decide enrichment with school support

Target intervention / enrichment to meet student need


NSSD Teacher & Student Success Account plan was created with stakeholder input

School Improvement Plans based on student needs with stakeholder input




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